To provide necessary strength to enable the students to innovate and become successful professionals. The dept. is offering under graduate (BE) in CSE with its cohesive team of faculty members with knowledge of latest technology offers a sound program at the U.G. level. The dept. right from it's inception in 2000, has gained the recognize by the reputed S/W companies all over the country. The curriculum is blend of the conventional, the critical and practical oriented courseware to combat with growing demand and the changing thread of the S/W industries and wide application of computers at every step of our life. Core courses include programming languages , Computer Architecture, Microprocessor & Interfaces, System Software, N/W Technologies & Applications.

Message From HOD

& The Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science and Engineering is accredited by AICTE . The Computer Science and Engineering provides students with knowledge of basic and advanced topics in all areas of computer science and engineering like Data Structures, theory of Computation, Java programming and Grid Computing. The students are given through training on various Laboratories to have hands on experience. In computer science you will study and apply your knowledge in understanding what computers are, as how to program them, tools to write a program, the rules when converting the written program understandable by the computers, the interface between the computer and the user, the computer graphics, computer networking, managing the software database, software engineering and testing them efficiently and more. Now computers are used everywhere to reduce the manpower requirements, easy of computation and to improve the efficiency. So the scope for computer science is endless.

Dr. Purushottam Patel