Library is the soul of our educational institution. The Engineering College Library has been an integral part of academic endeavor in college. Keeping in view intensive and extensive use, the library is being constantly enriched by the acquisition of latest books and journals keeping in pace with changing times, to further the advancement of the University's academic activities. Library is open for bonafide members though non-members can also utilize its resources with the permission of the Director. The library has access to more than 2000 electronic journals which is available through the campus wide NKN network to all computers in the institute.The Institute library will have 12000+ books with 740 titles. And International and national journals and magazines are available here. The library provides on-line access to a large number of full-text journal databases from various publishers. The library provides various services for its members such as- Topper students to provide 5 books in each semester ,also Provide Library facility for Hosteller students and belonging to reservation category students, photocopying, 24 hrs. book study in reading room its capacity for 60 students, almost 10 years question papes easily get , 8 different types of NEWS paper like – The times of India, Navbharat, Dainik Bhasker etc available. Future planof library Institute would be Subscribe IEEE/ACM full portal ASME, (ELSIVIEAR) science direct, DELNET Library, and Online Access to E-Books enabling students and staff to refer to the other member libraries for additional information for their research / projects.

DELNET (Developing Library Network)

‘A system of computers, from large mainframes to laptops, is linked to share information, that is a network’. Networking is a new mode of information sharing among organizations or persons. In the context of library science, Alphonse F. Trezza has defined, Networks as ‘a formal organization among libraries for co-operation and sharing of resources, in which the group as a whole is organized into subgroups of which it is a member’. DELNET has been in operation since January 1988 as a metropolitan area network among Delhi libraries. Later it became ‘Developing Library Network’ enlarging its membership through out the country and even out of India.